A Regional Assessment of Health Disparities

Health & Wellness Gap Analysis: A Regional Assessment of Health Disparities – FOCUS Consortium, Southeastern, NC

This report and assessment was initiated to satisfy the public health emphasis of the Lower Cape Fear Sustainable Communities Consortium (rebranded as FOCUS). The FOCUS Consortium of southeastern NC is a HUD Sustainable Communities grant recipient. The goal of this Gap Analysis is to identify areas of the region that may face more dire health issues. The Gap Analysis serves as a tool for jurisdictions within the region seeking to improve public health outcomes through policy changes related to long-range fundamental improvements to the built environment. The City of Wilmington, New Hanover County, and the Wilmington MPO all endorsed the findings and analysis conducted in the assessment. Data and policy strategies created as part of the assessment were utilized in the City of Wilmington Comprehensive Plan and New Hanover County Comprehensive Plan.